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Life adds stories. Stories add life.

I have a few good stories to tell. I am somewhere in the second half of my career and have started to think seriously about the remainder of my productive years. 

Just like you, dear reader, I have my goals. In fact, I have too many. Some are ambitious, some are fragile, many near-term and a few more seem like a lost cause. They range from personal, to family to society and humanity.


I tussle to orchestrate all of them, prioritize them, and most importantly execute them to success. 

If you rock in meeting your goals, I want to learn from you. If your struggle is similar to mine, let us join hands. 

Arvind is an empathizer. He is a father, husband, reimaginer, and software builder in the order of preference. 


© 2020 by Arvind Palaniswamy

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For 30-min free consulting on a Technological problem or learning. Email me at arvind at arvindly dot com

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