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Force Five Newsletter #1, 2023

Every week, I will post five Salesforce-related articles covering a variety of Products, Salesforce Careers, History, and Technology. This is also reposted in my LinkedIn Page.



Did you know Salesforce has a framework for alignment & leadership and everything at Salesforce starts with V2MOM? V2MOM stands for Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Measures. Marc Benioff, co-founder, and CEO of Salesforce, created the framework in 1999 and wrote it down on an American Express envelope!

Read more from Marc Benioff himself here. Great, isn't it? Practice writing a V2MOM in Salesforce Trailhead.


Attending Salesforce events is the best way to keep up with the latest product development and meet with the like-minded Salesforce Community.

TrailblazerDX - a developer+admin+architect friendly event is scheduled on March 7–8, 2023, in San Francisco & Salesforce+. Check out the sessions, attend the BootCamp, or take a free certification (note: registration required). There is something for everyone!

2023 Tech Predictions

Whether the economy has a soft landing or goes into recession, the momentum around digital transformation is not only expected to stay but is necessary to stay in the game. Read the future of tech according to Salesforce here.

Another exciting prediction is GenerativeAI (chatGPT, Stable Diffusion); we are sure to see many applications using these technologies. There are already open-source flavors available [OpenAssistant], and we can expect more.


Salesforce Well-Architected Framework

If you are architecting and designing solutions on Salesforce, you may be familiar with (bookmark it!). Last year, Salesforce released a well-architected framework to guide you through design and assess the health of solutions on the Salesforce Platform.

My goal this year is to adopt the framework and evaluate the designs under the lens of the framework. Have ideas or experience? Share in the comments section.


The magical Genie that powers Customer Data Platform.

Last Dreamforce was all about the magical Genie [Keynote, CDP Insights, Insider's guide]. Genie is part of the platform, which means that the other goodness - Flow, Einstein, and all the other clouds are already integrated.

Genie lets you connect to any data source or stream, originating from any platform, transactional or analytical at scale, harmonize the data and make it available to Engagement and Experience layers. Learn more about Genie here.


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