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2022 - Year in review

In retrospect, 2022 was a rewarding year in many aspects.


Both my wife and I changed jobs early in 2022; the first few months were crazy but exciting. I had to unlearn a lot that applied to my old job, learn Salesforce's way of doing things and its culture, and establish relations with my peers, partners, and teams.

One thing that never gets old is figuring out how companies build and deliver value. Salesforce is always magical :)

Another exciting change was, for the first time in my two decades of career, I sent and received less than 15 emails since Feb. Yes, Slack replaces inbox like a champ where swarming needs to happen.


After staying put at home due to Covid and dodging it for two years, we got Covid in Summer. It was strenuous two weeks, but we were glad we made it through because of the vaccines and help from our friends. The icing is that it happened just weeks before our travel, so we had zero restrictions during our trip to India and had a great time off.

I clocked 845 KM of walking, but it fell short of the 2021 stats.

Give Back:

In January 2022, I set up a program for 1:1 coaching as a means to give back and pay it forward. My goal was to work with eight folks, ended up with a total of 5. Unfortunately, the program didn't help as much as I had intended. I had written up a FAQ on where this can fail, and it followed inline.

Where can this fail or not work?

- Mismatched skill - I do not have the skills to help your goal. Often we will find it during the first call.
- Your situation and goal demand a full-time effort or time greater than 6 months. 
- No show for two contiguous meetings - It puts undue pressure to catch up or delays the schedule. 
- Unfinished homework for two contiguous meetings - It puts undue pressure to catch up or delays the schedule. 
- Mismatched expectations or experience - Of course, we want this to be a fulfilling journey.  Unfortunately, there is no good way to know during the first call. We can help by sharing feedback every week. 

So, I moved back to the traditional way but not giving up. Again, for 2023 I want to do a couple of things - Narrow down a niche set where the goal and the journey are straightforward. My pro-bono calendar is still open for consulting every Saturday.

Report Card:


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