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Giving Back - Purpose and Process - FAQ.

As of June, 2022, All slots are closed. Thank you.

Have you tried to switch your career to IT but were unsuccessful after several attempts? If so, I can work with you to help you reach your goals.

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If you cannot find a slot, please send an email to or DM me at

FAQ - Purpose & Motivation

Why are you doing this?

Through work [1], I used to volunteer my time. But with COVID, I haven't been able to give back the time as much as I would have liked to. So this is an alternate effort.

What do you benefit from this?

I benefit by feeling inspired, challenged, and motivated.

Why do you think you are qualified?

I have accrued enough technical experience and expertise to be able to train someone to become employable in an IT role. In addition, I have tried this a few times, and it works.

How long will you be doing this?

For now, I want to run it for the entire year 2022 or until the last batch of 2022 graduates.

Instead of this, why don't you give money to educational initiatives?

I have been giving about 3% of my earnings via several channels. However, money alone is never enough to solve all problems. I feel inspired by millions of folks who give their time and effort for good causes.

FAQ - How does this work?

What do you mean when you say "coach and work"?

Your situation, priorities, and challenges are unique to you. So we will start by understanding where you are in the journey, what you need the most, and start winning them.

We would work together at reducing or eliminating the skill gaps, contribute to open source projects, work on your resume, get certifications, start feeling more confident, or finally prepare for your interview. We would do one or more.

How much does it cost?

It is free. However certain aspects of the program like certifications will cost you. But on a need basis, we can work something out.

How many people will you work with?

I will work individually with 4 - 6 persons in parallel. Given it is tailored to suit your needs, a classroom or multi-person session will not work.

How often are the 1:1s?

If four people were enrolled, we would meet weekly - every Saturday morning for 30 minutes. My goal is to leave this time undisturbed.

If I take six this quarter, we will meet every alternate week.

Is there homework?

Yes. You should expect about 6-10 hours of work every week. And yes, I will spend an equal amount of time to prepare for our 1:1 so we can make it valuable.

What is the duration of the entire program?

We will need to time-box it from 3 months to a maximum of 6 months. We will have an aggressive schedule for 2-3 months and execution for another 2-3.

FAQ - Things to consider before you join

How much time do I need to allocate?

You will need anywhere from 7 to 10 hours a week.

Do I need to know anything about programming, computer science, languages, frameworks?

Not necessary. The more you do not know, the easier it is :) If you already know - great!

I am already in IT. Can I apply?


Can you adjust the meeting time?

Sorry, I am unable to do it. We may have rare exceptions but generally, no.

What device do I need?

Any computer with a chrome browser would do. I will recommend against mobile phones or tablets due to limited screen size.

What is the internet bandwidth expectation?

For the best experience, you would need to meet the minimum requirements

FAQ - Where can this fail?

Where can this fail or not work?

  • Mismatched skill - I do not have the skills to help your goal. Often we will find it during the first call.

  • Your situation and goal demand a full-time effort or time greater than 6 months.

  • No show for two contiguous meetings - It puts undue pressure to catch up or delays the schedule.

  • Unfinished homework for two contiguous meetings - It puts undue pressure to catch up or delays the schedule.

  • Mismatched expectations or experience - Of course, we want this to be a fulfilling journey. Unfortunately, there is no good way to know during the first call. We can help by sharing feedback every week.


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